Birth Assistants

Birth assistants are very important members of your birth team. They come from diverse backgrounds and are skilled in labor support, birth, and postpartum care. Some of our birth assistants are also nurses, childbirth educators, doulas, herbalists, massage therapists, or midwives! They help to keep home and birth center births safe and satisfying for the family.

Each BirthCare prenatal client hires a birth assistant of their choice from our list. The birth assistants listed below have received special training that qualifies them to be part of the BirthCare Team. They are Business Associates of BirthCare and maintain certification in CPR and neonatal resuscitation. They are competent and compassionate practitioners, and have demonstrated the ability to work cohesively with our midwives and clients in keeping with the BirthCare Philosophy.

Email addresses have been included here for convenience of communication for those who use email. Please do not rely on this as your only means of contacting a birth assistant, as some may not read email as often as others. If you do not hear back from the birth assistant in a timely manner, feel free to reach out to us, as we will help facilitate contact.


Name                                                              City, State                                     Email 

Marilyn Alger and Alana Potter             BirthCare Coverage Area        

Julia Chemotti                                         BirthCare’s Coverage Area       

Lori Cooper                                             BirthCare’s Coverage Area      

Holly Poole-Kavana                                DC, Maryland, and NOVA       

Liz Reiner                                                Northern MD/ Loudoun, VA   

Kemba Saibou                                       DC, Maryland, and NOVA         

Stephanie Buck                                    Southern Maryland (Preferred),                                                                                                                      Alexandria, VA & Birth Center

Abiana Patton                                      15 mile radius of Petworth, D.C                                                                                                                      including the birth center

Gwen Peters                                         Maryland, DC, NOVA.                

(taking repeat clients and
urgent needs only)