Breastfeeding & Lactation Support

International Board Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Brandi Martin RN, offers a monthly prenatal breastfeeding class every 3rd Wednesday @7:00pm (in-person) at BirthCare and Women’s Health. The class is $25 per family and it addresses five basic principles every expecting parent should know before bringing baby home!

Need lactation support for the first weeks of breastfeeding? Brandi Martin offers lactation support to Birthcare families who book her through Metropolitan Breastfeeding. BirthCare also refers clients to The Breastfeeding Center in Washington, DC. Services are low or no cost to families because lactation services from a IBCLC are covered through insurance, as defined by the affordable care act.   Meet Brandi in class by registering at The Perfect Latch


                                                 Additional Lactation Resources and Education 

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Cherry Blossom- Nursing Bras/Bra Fitting
 Donate or Receive Donor Milk
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