Tana McCoull, CNM

Tana grew up in Richmond, VA and studied foreign languages and health sciences as an undergraduate at James Madison University (go Dukes!). She worked in several teaching and tutoring roles over those years. Then she joined the Peace Corps and lived in a tiny village in Burkina Faso, where she was a community health educator. After dedicating two years there to teaching people about reproductive health and disease prevention, she decided to expand her skills to include hands-on care.

When she saw a midwife in action at her nephew’s birth, she immediately knew that was what she was meant to do. She earned dual certification as a nurse midwife and family nurse practitioner at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. She worked for a few years as a midwife at a community health center in Lynchburg, VA, attending births in a hospital, before joining BirthCare in November 2019.

She lives in Arlington with her husband and toddler son (who was born into the welcoming, capable hands of a midwife). On days off, you can usually find them playing at a park, exploring a museum, or trying to find the best coffee in town. She loves starting art projects and sometimes even finishing them. She speaks–and sings–in French and Spanish.

Tana believes in sharing knowledge widely and freely. She encourages clients to ask questions and loves explaining the inner workings of the human body. She also loves collaborating with others who share a passion for improving health disparities, global health, and social justice, in hopes of making the world a healthier, more pleasant place for everyone.